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Understanding the Meaning of the Icons
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The first icon displays the main category the tool belongs to.

The second icon shows the type of tool. The following options are available:

  • Exercise (a tool that describes an activity that is done once, during a session)
  • Assessment (a tool that aims to assess a trait or characteristic of a person)
  • Overview (a tool that provides an overview or list of something; research findings, facts, etc.)
  • Advice (a tool that is directed at the helping professional providing advice on how to carry out a certain activity)
  • Meditation (a tool that describes a form of meditation)
  • Intervention (a tool that describes an activity that needs to be done twice or more times during a certain period)

The third icon
provides an estimation of the duration of the tool. In other words, how long it takes to complete the tool. This is always an estimation of the total time it takes.

Obviously, for some tool types, like overview, advice, protocol and intervention it is difficult if not impossible to provide an estimation of the duration. In these cases n/a (not available) is written.

The fourth icon describes for who the tool was designed for; available options:

  • client
  • coach
  • group

The last icon
indicates whether this specific intervention has been tested at least once in a scientific study and has been published in a peer reviewed journal (yes or no). Note that if there is a strong theoretical and scientifically tested basis underlying the tool, but the tool itself in its current form has not been directly addressed in research, the icon will still indicate “no”.

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